Conference venue

The conference takes place in "Amphi 5" of the building "2ème cycle" at the Campus Aiguillettes of the Université de Lorraine. You can get there by tram 1 in direction "CHU Brabois". Tickets can be bought at any tram stop, however, the machine there only accepts coins and carte bleu. Another way of buying them is at the train station at the exit to "Place république". We suggest to buy a ticket for 10 trips "Pass 10" for EUR 9,00. The public means of transport of Nancy are called "réseau Stan". Do not mix this with "MixedCities", which are the regional buses.

Each time you get on the tram or the bus you have to validate your ticket. For the conference you should get off at "Callot". Follow the attached plan to the building "2ème cycle". The hall "Amphi 5" is near the entry E2A, however, we suggest to take the entrance E7C, which is better frequented by students.

In the building the conference is on the first floor in Amphi 5, which is marked as A5 on the walls for short.

Also, a short message concerning the technical equipment in "Amphi 5" : There is a beamer, there will be a notebook available as well as a pointer. However, it is not possible to use the black board at the same time as the beamer equipment.

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