The conference

This conference is the 2015 edition of a series of events organized by the "groupe d'étude sur la numération'' and is intended as a continuation of the "Journées Numération, Pavages, Substitutions'' held in Grenoble in March 2005, "Journées de Numération (Zö'tåg' in Graz)" held in Graz in April 2007, "Journées Numération'' in Prague Czech Technical University in May 2008, "Numeration: Mathematics and Computer Science'' held in CIRM Marseille in March 2009 and recently "Numeration'' held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden in June 2010, "Numération" in Liège in June 2011, "Numeration and Substitution" in Kyoto in June 2012 and "Numeration and Substitution" in Debrecen in July 2014.

The main topics are gathered around numeration systems and include:

  • geometric aspects (fractals, tilings, quasi-crystals),
  • dynamical/probabilistic aspects (odometers, subshifts),
  • analytic aspects (related arithmetical functions),
  • topological aspects (compactifications and applications),
  • computer science (automata, languages).

The official languages of the conference are English and French.

The conference starts on May 18th at 9am and is expected to end on May 22nd at 5pm. Plenary talks are scheduled for 60 minutes and contributed talks for 25 minutes.

Registration (for participants) : starting at 8:15 am (May 18th), Amphi 5.

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