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09:00 On multidimensional diophantine approximation of algebraic numbers On the successor function Dynamical Systems in Number Theory Expansions in non-integer bases and fractal phenomena Distribution Properties of Subsequences of Automatic Sequences
10:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
10:30 On bases of canonical number systems in cyclotomic fields Combinatorial and probabilistic properties of systems of numeration A completion of the unilateral recognizability theorem for aperiodic Approximation properties of beta expansions On parametric Thue-Morse sequences and lacunary trigonometric products
10:55 On limit dynamical zeta functions of the beta-transformation Analysis of Carries in Non-Standard Digit Expansions On the number of fixed points of $D_{\infty}$-Markov chains The S-adic Pisot conjecture on two letters Normality of the Thue--Morse sequence along Piatetski-Shapiro sequences
11:20 Method for Construction of Parallel Addition Algorithms (in Non-standard Numeration Systems) A combinatorial point of view on Rosen-like continued fractions Dynamical properties of the tent map Rational series, Lind, Boyle and Handelman Theorems and primitive matrices On the number of restricted prime factors of an integer.
11:45 On-line Multiplication and Division in Non-standard Numeration Systems Continued beta -fractions with formal power series over finite fields Diophantine approximation of fractional parts of powers of real numbers   Some computational results regarding special radix expansions
12:10 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 Nombres simplement normaux dans différentes bases Application of binary expansion of n to the Stern polynomial B_n Free Afternoon Optimal Expansions in non-integer base On the digits of primes
15:30 Normality in Pisot Numeration Systems Properties of Tanaka and Ito's alpha-continued fractions Salem numbers from a class of star-like trees Sur les occurrences des mots dans les nombres premiers
15:55 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:30 Normal and non-normal numbers in the dynamical systems fulfilling the specification property The unary arithmetical algorithm in binary continued fractions Rational Based Digit System in Polynomial Rings over Finite Fields  
16:55 Asymptotic Properties of Multi-Base Digit Expansions of Integers Topology of three-dimensional self-affine tiles Canonical expansion of integers for families of roofline polynomials  
17:20 Numeration systems and discrepancy Multiple tilings associated to $d$-Bonacci beta-expansions Univoque points for self-similar sets  
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